Energy healing and counselling

Empowering you to live your potential

louise-at-uoftHello and welcome. I am a therapist and healing practitioner with 28 years experience.

I provide a therapy that combines counseling with energy healing. I have found this to be a highly effective approach for helping people achieve positive, lasting change as easily and quickly as possible.

Some of the things I help people with:

  • feeling anxious or overwhelmed
  • finding yourself doing the opposite of what you intended
  • feeling angry, depressed or lonely
  • being stuck in your life
  • having stress-related physical symptoms such as:
    pain, tension headache, nervous stomach, emotional eating
  • needing clarity and purpose in your life

My therapy approach differs from conventional talk therapy. At the beginning of a session, we sit and talk briefly and discuss your situation. You then lie down fully clothed on a massage table. I gently place my hands on different energy points on your body (chakras) and receive intuitive information about what you need in the session.

I invite you to participate in the process by suggesting different words or phrases for you to focus on. That in combination with the energy therapy elicits a healing response. The process is a gentle and interactive one. It appears to be quite simple yet is surprisingly effective. 

I strive to create a warm, accepting environment where you can feel free to be completely yourself.

To find out more about the energy therapy / healing part of my work, please click on:
Energy Healing

I welcome you to contact me if you have any questions about my services and how I might help you.

(Please note: there have been problems with the contact form on this website. If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, please email me at louisegabrielle64 @ or my cell 416 659-6606)