Counselling with Tarot

During challenging times, worry and stress can cloud our normal clarity of thinking, and make difficult decisions even harder.

Counselling with Tarot can help you:
     – make more informed decisions
     – know how to best move forward in your life.

The Tarot can also provide insights into our ways of relating to others, giving us the tools to improve our relationships overall.

Guidance, clarity and insight for:

    • Career, health and finances
    • Blind spots that hold you back
    • Relationship problems
    • Your hidden strengths and talents
    • Difficult decisions

Sessions are either SkypeZoom, FaceTime or Phone.

What is the Tarot?
The Tarot is a set of 78 cards depicting various images and symbols that describe the human being’s path of life.

Although Tarot cards are commonly used for fortune-telling, they appear to be an ancient system of knowledge originally used for spiritual and self-development. 

The Tarot can shed light on our habitual ways of thinking, feeling and behaving which greatly impact the choices we make in our life and how we relate to others.

Procedure: We set up an appointment time. You send payment before your session with either an e-transfer or paying through my website (see links below). Sessions are either one hour or 30 minutes long. If you have several issues to explore, then one hour is optimal.

1. One hour session:  $150 

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2. Half hour session:  $75

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Please feel free to contact Louise, if you have any questions or need more information.