Body Type Quiz 2

Welcome to your Body Type Quiz 2

Body Type Quiz

Welcome to your Body Type Quiz

The following quiz will give you a general idea of your body type - according to Ayurveda. Most people are a combination of two types with one predominant.

The quiz and the information that follows are focused primarily on how Ayurvedic body types can be applied to meditation, with the focus being more on psychological and emotional traits rather than physical health.

Answer each statement a, b, c, for each question to the best of your ability, as it applies to you generally, by rating it 0 – 3.

0 = never, 1 = occasionally, 2 = often, 3 = always


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Question 1: When under stress

a) ...I get anxious, nervous or unsettled:
b) ...I get impatient, irritated or angry
c) ...I withdraw or avoid, I don’t like stress

Question 2

a) I have difficulty making decisions and tend to second guess myself or want to change it
b) I make decisions methodically, purposefully
c) I am easy-going, I prefer others to make decisions

Question 3

a) I am energetic and quick paced by nature
b) I am disciplined and prefer things to be orderly
c) I tend to stay calm and prefer a slow pace

Question 4

a) I often don’t sleep well, thinking too much
b) My sleep is sound, I need an average amount
c) I need a full night’s sleep and easily sleep in

Question 5: When under stress,...

a) ...I tend to speak fast and not always clearly
c) ...I prefer to listen and to have long, slow chats
b) ...I speak clearly, precisely and to the point

Question 6

a) I am very sensitive to my environment and other people’s energies
b) I am ambitious and can get aggressive
c) I feel deep caring and can be possessive

Question 7

a) I like learning a variety of things quickly
b) I tend to focus intently on one thing and finish what I start
c) I like taking my time and being methodical

Question 8

a) I learn quickly but easily forget
b) My memory is sharp and clear
c) My memory is steady and reliable once I know something well

Question 9: When under stress,...

a) ... my motivation tends to be variable or erratic
b) ...I tend to persevere and can be quite determined in meeting my goals
c) ... once I get going, I can work steadily towards a goal and tend to be loyal

Question 10

a) I like being active and don’t need a plan
b) I prefer to plan things before I do them
c) I tend to not take the initiative and prefer others to do the planning

Question 11

a) I can eat all I want and not gain weight
b) I need regular meals otherwise I get agitated
c) I gain weight more easily than other people

Question 12

a) My moods and feelings change quite quickly
b) I can be intense and quick tempered
c) I’m even tempered, slow to get angry, if at all

Question 13

a) I easily adapt to different kinds of people
b) I tend to choose friends based on their values
c) I am slow to make friends but am very loyal

Question 14

a) I easily adapt to different kinds of people
b) I tend to choose friends based on their values
c) I am slow to make friends but am very loyal