Smart Self-Discipline workshop

How to achieve your goals
…. with more savvy and less stress

  • Do you find yourself doing the opposite of what you intended?
  • Get discouraged? Frustrated?
  • Give up completely?

In this informative, practical, one evening workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Identify your true goals
  • Motivate yourself according to your body type
  • Recognize and deal with negative self-talk

We’ll be making use of India’s ancient healing tradition, called Ayurveda, a scientific mind-body system which recognizes that we are not all built the same. There are three main body types, each having unique requirements in food, exercise and psychology, and each being motivated in different ways.

In this workshop, we’ll also be exploring the ways that we unknowingly sabotage our good intentions. A Far Side cartoon shows a young boy with one arm holding a stack of books and his free hand pushing frantically on the front door of his school. A sign on the door reads “Pull” as he keeps pushing with all his might. 

Far Side Midvale

Understanding how we operate on the inside – what kinds of thoughts habitually run through our minds, how we react emotionally, and the way we make decisions is like being the young boy who finally stops struggling to see what the problem is and can then use only the required effort to open the door.

 Wed, Jan. 19, 2022      7 – 9 pm  Eastern Time.   Cost: $45 

Online Zoom workshop

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